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Different from a traditional bank loan, our Working Capital Advantage provides you with the financial resources you need to maximize your business's success!  Not only does our funding program boast a 95% approval rate (with no personal liability), we get you the cash you need quickly - as quickly as 72 hours - allowing you to increase your profits starting now!  



Working Capital Advantage


Grow Your Business!


Payment Acceptance Solutions wants your business to not just succeed but grow  - and we want to ensure you have access to every resource necessary in order to achieve your business goals!  Because it is not a traditional bank loan, you will not experience the same limitations you are used to with our Working Capital Advantage.  Our clients have seen double and even quadruple growth through our Advantage program by investing in:


  • New or Wholesale Inventory 

  • Remodels or Expansions

  • Equipment Updates



  • Debt Consolidation

  • Tax Payments

  • Industry Research/Education


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Our quick, one page application and 24 hour approval means you will receive your funding in as little as 72 hours, no business plan needed! 


  • No Monthly Payments

  • No Start-Up Fees

  • No Useage Restrictions

  • No Collateral

Low Factor Rates!


Impressive factor rates as low as 1.15% and flexible, long-term repayment options - with no personal guarantee or liability required! 


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Let us convert your existing merchant cash advance into a lower factor rate!


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