5 Ways To Improve Your Bottom Line with OmniCommerce Payment Terminals

There is no question that we are presently in the age of Data Collection. Everyday seems to bring a new headline about Data being obtained and stored by some of the largest corporations not just in the US but Worldwide. So what can a small or medium sized business owner learn and lend from this trend (aside from turning off the microphone on certain products!)?

Data is KEY to building business and profit growth!

Couple this information with the capabilities of OmniCommerce Virtual Terminals and suddenly your merchant account has gone from being a vehicle for simply accepting payments into a product that can sky rocket future payments as well! Keep reading to learn 5 ways merchants can grow business using the new technologies provided in OmniCommerce Virtual Terminals.

1. Capture Customer Email Addresses for promotions and marketing campaigns. This is an obvious one but so valuable we had to list it as #1! Your best resource for future customers are customers who have already decided to do business with you, so its crazy to not take advantage of this simple step to stay top of mind. Don't worry about getting to fancy or detailed (although a strategic marketing plan will definitely work wonders for your bottom line). A simple email blast notifying customers about a special or new products is the best place to start!

2. Capture Social Media Info. Similar to capturing emails but not even close to the same, social media provides an enhanced engagement environment where you can easily broadcast information or maybe even run a competition. Also, Social Media platforms allows for you to develop a personality where emails tend to be more professional.

3. Go Mobile. Most OmniCommerce Virtual Terminals are not limited to your desktop (or home office, or local Starbucks.) Add our Mobile App and you can accept payments on the move, eliminating the delay of calling in cards and reducing the costs of expensive voice authorizations. Plus you can still capture detailed customer data from within the App!

4. Electronic Invoicing. OmniCommerce Terminals allows you to accept credit cards, debit cards or electronic checks for convenience and speed of receiving payments. No more waiting or checks in the mail, reducing receivables and adding to your working capital!

5. Track Regional or Referral Info. Make sure your marketing budget is giving you the highest possible return on investment by tracking the region of your sale or the referral source at the point of sale. Run regular reports to find out where your marketing dollars are sailing (or sinking) and adjust your budget accordingly.

Keep in mind not all Virtual Terminals are created the same. In order to take advantage of the benefits listed, you will want to make sure your provider has the ability to create customized fields, generate invoices and has integrated mobile app capabilities.

Payment Acceptance Solutions lends 10 years of merchant service experience with a focus on emerging technologies and partners with a number of developers to ensure your commerce environment provides benefits to boost growth in every industry. Complimentary demos of our OmniCommerce product(s) can be requested at sales@acceptancesolutions.com.

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