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President/Founder: Marlana Zahl

Direct: 954-740-1510

Secure eFax: 610-887-6939

Marketing Agent

Join our marketing Team!  

PAS offers multiple marketing platforms including lead generators, sales associates, customer support and more!

Who We Are

Payment Acceptance Solutions offers payment acceptance and integrated marketing services to businesses of all sizes, operating anywhere in the US.  During her nearly 10 years in the industry, our Founder, Marlana Zahl, witnessed the evolution of payments grow from a practical function of simply processing transactions into a robust marketing tool that can be leveraged to increase business relationships and reach. 

What Makes Us Different

Payment Acceptance Solutions is the same type of business as the companies we serve. Therefore, we have a particular mission to protect the profits of our clients. We deliver multi-function services and assist with implementing streamlined processes that will increase profitability and transparency within payment processing and the services related to processing, such as accounting, marketing, and business management.

Why Choose Us

Payment Acceptance Solutions has established relationships with the top payment processors worldwide, providing access to the same rates and fees as a national brand bank, but with the flexibility of customized services, including a diverse product range for simply processing payments all the way to many account leveraging options such as customer re-marketing, recurring payments and QuickBooks integration.

PAS Marketer Goals Guide

#1 Objective: Schedule meeting with business owner and get Statements for review

Best: Schedule Appointment with Agent – Online or In Person

Great: Get copies of last 3 months statements

Better: Completed Merchant Information Request Form (MIRF)

Nice: Get Email address for follow-ups and updates

Cool: Connect on Social Media - Follow us, we follow back!